Hello, I’m Allison
I’m your Loved Again Coach.

It is possible to have a great relationship
with absolutely everyone and at JTW
I'm going to teach you how.

It is my belief that we can all be loved,
respected and cherished to the extent
that we are prepared to love ourselves.

I want you to have the best relationships
of your life, with everyone who crosses
your path, whether as lovers, as clients,
as lessons to grow from or the family
you were born into.

No one can love us more than we love ourselves and time and again we may find ourselves pushing these people away. Building barriers, creating problems and looking for proof that this love isn’t real.

Everyday Basics

By attending one of my workshops or booking a one-to-one session with me you can use our time to deal with and overcome that one burning issue that keeps your relationship from soaring. I can help you understand and improve any relationship you want to focus on be it a colleague, business partner, parents or sibling or your life partner.


Lunch on the go

I love working with women like you to teach you and guide to create deeper connections in a way that sometimes can seem like an unattainable dream.

Let me tell you it isn’t – it’s within your reach and together we will uncover what is is keeping it just out of reach!

Family favourites for dinner

You will hear me talk a lot about the power of self love and I’ll let you into a secret, this is the magic ingredient that is missing, the special something that takes your relationship from failing to thriving, from "meh" to marvellous from I love him nut I’m not in love with him, to I can’t get enough of him.

So What Exactly IS a Relationship?

I’ll guess your first thought is that it's your romantic partner, present, past or future.... but let's expand on that a moment.

Guess what? We’re in a relationship at this very moment, oh yes we are and I hope to deepen it and get to know you better in the future, but for now let me explain - you see I’ve written this and you are reading it, so we are connected right now. Hopefully you like what you’ve read and your are curious to know more, if so, you may click below to sign up for a one-to-one session or make a mental note to make sure you attend one of my workshops alternatively you may think yeah that sounds ok but it’s not really my bag and you'll go back and click on the next speaker's profile and that's totally ok.

You know why that's ok in our little JTW website scenario?

Well, we may never meet and our relationship may not develop more than this brief virtual interlude, I won’t worry too much if what I offer simply isn’t for you and I doubt you will be racked with guilt because there's no fear of upsetting or offending me.

However, how often in real life do those feelings occur? How often in your personal or even business relationships do you find yourself unable to say NO! For fear of offending, upsetting or making that other party angry at you?
How often do you feel responsible for other people’s reactions?

How often do you sacrifice or compromise for someone else only to be filled with anger or resentment, only to beat yourself up swearing to never do it again…..until the next time?

I am going help you break these patterns, teach you the tools to create honest, balanced relationships, with working boundaries.

I intend to show you the power of Saying NO!

How can you change your view of the world until the world changes and how will the world changes if your view of it doesn’t…… that is the magic ingredient and the crux of our session.

We will create that change together! It is impossible to change your circumstances until you understand what they are costing you…. financially, physically, emotionally and maybe more importantly in how you connect with people around you and the story you hold about the world and her inhabitants?

So are you ready to have the best relationships ever? Then I can’t wait to meet you and get started.



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