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I want you to lllloooooovvvve your business! And it's so much easier to love a business that's flying than one that's a hard slog, right? So let's make that happen!

I'm going to help you set up the strongest foundation & build such amazing projects that your business is your creative outlet and you thrive because it thrives.


When you can’t find the right support or guidance or purposeful order of things that you need to progress, you often feel frustration and overwhelm. You bounce from online course to online course but never actually feel like you're doing the right thing for your biz. I call this "multi-guru" syndrome - you know what I'm talking about right? Lots of people who have had success building their own businesses so they offer you their secrets? It's attractive I know! But they've never actually built anyone else's business but their own. Well, let me put your mind at rest, I've been building online businesses for since 2005 and have literally built hundreds and hundreds all in different niches and industries so I promise you my programme works!

I want your business journey to be truly joyful
and I know that with my help it will be.

So..... what shall we work on together?

Business Foundation

Develop your business ideas and find your thing - this step is glorious!

Ideal Message

Achieve perfect clarity and create the message that attracts your ideal client

Your Competition

Understand your competition so you can plan your business with confidence

Sales Funnel

Creating all the steps of your sales funnel from freebie to signature programme

Branding to attract and repel

Understand how branding can both attract your ideal client and repel those you don't want to work with

Website User Journey

Understanding the types of website visitor and how to look after them on your website


My fabulous formulas to write fabulous sales copy.


Passive income streams need automation and we build it all for you


We launch using your carefully crafted social media presence and advertising strategy.

Website Build (from £270)

We can build your awesome website for you for a fixed fee we agree up front. I have several packages that you'll see below from supporting people who go through my Passive Income Challenge and need a site that does everything they need to complete and launch, right through to full business build website and online shops. I also offer web and email hosting on my own server so no more shared servers for you my lovely!

Sales Funnel Build (£2,000)

I will be working with you in depth to support your content creation for freebie, low dollar offer, courses, memberships and academies and then providing a full "done-for-you" sales funnel build. This is a wonderful project and will help your passive income fly while you're not working and will enable you to grow your list and automate your marketing to the level that works for you. This includes both landing page and email sequence automation so the whole funnel flows seamlessly.

My WHOLE business build programme (£5,000)

Want support with absolutely everything needed to build and launch your business from idea right the way through? Then you need my full programme - how exciting! Let's do this! Most people take between 7 and 12 months to work through my programme and I'm there every step of the way with weekly hour on skype and supporting your copywriting and ideas and designs while we build all your lovely systems for you.


You see you don't just need a fully qualified digital marketer, copy writer, website designer, email automation whizz and tech guru - you need all of those things and with me you genuinely have everything you need in one person!

You don’t need to forge relationships with five different people - you just need one, me - I will work alongside you and completely understand your biz and help you work on it, that's me actually working on it with you - how awesome is that!

Imagine having me as your business partner for the next three months! Its too exciting! And I've done this for lots and lots of people before you so you know you can rely on me xx

Don't just take my word for it - here's a few of my gorgeous clients commenting on how they loved my programme xx

"I've worked with Jodee for the creation of my business from zero, she has been patient, she allowed my own rhythm and has been helpful to get more clear about what my niche was and how to organise the content in a personal and authentic way, which I could not do without her help. Jodee is funny, enthusiastic, passionate and understanding. She boosts the courage and the passion of becoming visible and sharing and she has helped me in the moments of doubt and lack of self confidence to come back in trust and willingness to show up, that in the beginning phase of becoming an entrepreneur and in a field as self empowerment it's much more precious even than everything else."

Ilaria Rubei
Totally Fabulous Coaching Programme

"I knew I wanted to create an online course and I paid a shed load of money with a well known academy but this only took me so far. I was floundering around and then Jodee Peevor came into my life. She gave me the tools to focus my attention, create a sales funnel that would work for me and get what I wanted. I am so excited to be about to launch my own online academy! Working with Jodee has been an honour - she is patient, brilliantly focussed, has boundless knowledge and energy. Most importantly she knew how to help me achieve what I wanted from my business and for this I am so grateful"

Jacqueline Conroy
Totally Fabulous Coaching Programme

Working one to one with me




5 page Sales Funnel

Simple font logo

12 months hosting

2 domains

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Virtual Assistance (Kajabi/



10 hour VA package

Toggl timesheet per second records

Upgrade to add Jodee-strategy-time

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payment upfront
(saving £500)

Weekly Calls on zoom
(1 hour)

Homework each week

Implementation each week

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Payable in 10 monthly
instalments of £550

Weekly calls on zoom
(1 hour)

Homework each week

Implementation each week

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