Business Foundation

Develop your business ideas and find your thing - this step is glorious!

Ideal Message

Achieve perfect clarity and create the message that attracts your ideal client

Your Competition

Understand your competition so you can plan your business with confidence

Sales Funnel

Learn my wonderful heart-centred sales funnel formula - it's wonderful!

Branding to attract and repel

Understand how branding can both attract your ideal client and repel those you don't want to work with

User Journey

Understanding the types of website visitor and how to look after them on your website


My fabulous formulas to write fabulous sales copy.

Sales Automation

A passive income needs automation so you can rest while you sell!

Launch! Driving Traffic

Your social media presence and advertising strategy.

Jodee's Totally Fabulous Business Courses

Totally Fabulous Passive Income

£547.00 GBP

8 week programme starting 1st April 2017. Have you heard that as a heart-centred entrepreneur you need passive incom...

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Sales Pages Copywriting Formula


My fabulous 12 step formula to help your write your sales page and get it live and earning money today!

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Sales Page Copywriting Course

£10.00 GBP

Want a full course to support my copywriting formula? Write your best sales page with my copy course.

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Totally Fabulous Membership

£30.00 GBP every month

Jodee support for your online biz growth in a wonderful community on facebook plus free access to my challenges.

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Totally Fabulous Academy

£547.00 GBP

Total marketing & technical guru support to help you build and launch your beautiful online business!

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Website in a Day

4 monthly payments of £99.00 GBP

Pick a template, I'll set it all up and you can instantly add your own copy, assets, and branding.

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"Today Jodee coached me through the 'biz in a nutshell' and ‘identifiers’. Wow! what a difference it has made. I’ve been struggling with this myself for months and after a fun, dynamic session with Jodee I now know what my business is about and which customers I want to attract. Jodee asks great questions, gives plenty of space to think and offers really useful suggestions. I couldn’t have got this result by myself and I can’t imagine how I would have moved forward with my business without it! I feel so much more confident and enthusiastic about getting out there, telling people about my business and taking the next step in this journey!"

Olivia Horgan

"I knew I wanted to create an online course and I paid a shed load of money with a well known academy but this only took me so far. I was floundering around and then Jodee Peevor came into my life. She gave me the tools to focus my attention, create a sales funnel that would work for me and get what I wanted. I am so excited to be about to launch my own online academy! Working with Jodee has been an honour - she is patient, brilliantly focussed, has boundless knowledge and energy. Most importantly she knew how to help me achieve what I wanted from my business and for this I am so grateful"

Jacqueline Conroy

"Jodee is an absolutely fabulous coach! Seriously supportive, giving and sharing and caring. After working with Jodee for a couple of weeks - I already had myself 2 new clients! Jodee has it all - experience with business but also her experience of websites and the client user journey and sales pages all in all makes for a super business coach. I am just so glad I found her when I did."

Rosemarie St-Louis

Facebook Ten Commandments

Want to grow your business on Facebook using pages and groups?

Excellent! Yes! It's a brilliant place to build and nurture business relationships - but pretty please be respectful and don't forget yourself - my Ten Commandments will show you how to do it with decorum xx