Theresa Kahn - Website Build November 2017

"Jodee is incredible.  Very professional, trustworthy and generous in what she provides.

She gets you doing a lot of work, which is so beneficial not just so that she could compile a complete website for you, but to help you create your own vision of how you want to be portrayed.  She is then able to translate this into a magnificent bespoke website to match.  Her ability to translate this into a wonderful website, shows her talent, skills and expertise – which is well worth the fee that she charges. 

The many steps from her Totally Fabulous Academy workbook is well thought out too, which makes you ponder, wonder and question about yourself and your own business, resulting in a better understanding overall.  You might wonder at first what it is all about, but once you see the outcome of the work that she has done for you, you know exactly why she has wanted you to provide so much.  The result is ‘Totally Fabulous’!!!  I highly recommend Jodee – you won’t be disappointed…. Totally Fabulous!”


Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty

Karin Monster-Peters - TotesFab Membership December 2017

"First things first...Jodee's energy and enthusiasm for life and business IS what makes her great at what she does!

Can someone actually be enthusiastic about funnels? Well, Jodee can! <3 And she infuses her energy into every new training she brings into the group! Jodee knows her stuff! I also love working with Jodee, because she TRULY believes in you. When things get rough in business and you feel stuck, she just shakes her head, throws ideas your way like she just KNOWS what your next step is and she sets you in motion again!

I would highly recommend this awesome lady for your business growth!"

Karin Monster-Peters

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Emma Sidney
Totally Fabulous Membership’s first member!

“I’ve just realised it’s 12 months since Jodee Peevor created this membership.

When she started talking about it I knew I would join and I was the 1st member! The last 12 months have been challenging, fun and my business development has been massive.

This group helps me with the ups and the downs and I love It! I love that you can take the gems you need, be as active or not as you like (after all it's a work in progress) and most of all I love the vibe.

I very much use the structure of the group as part of my business it's not separate as I find this facilitates what I'm doing. It helps me to be consistent and creative.

I'm very very excited about 2018 - lots of wonderful goals which I know this membership will help me achieve and I look forward to reflecting on 2018 having grown a Group myself - and I will be aiming to achieve a similar vibe xx”


Totally Fabulous Membership

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