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Membership Co-working

Read all about my membership community where all my challenges are included free of charge!

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Jodee's Teepee Weekender
the entrepreneurs' festival


Ten heart-centred speakers offering six hands-on workshops & six bespoke one-to-ones.


Located in Beautiful Worcestershire, England

May 16th-18th 2019 BST

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Jodee's Areas of Speciality

Working with Platforms: Kajabi, Wordpress and Joomla

Business Foundation

Develop your business ideas and find your thing - this step is glorious!

Ideal Message

Achieve perfect clarity and create the message that attracts your ideal client

Your Competition

Understand your competition so you can plan your business with confidence

Sales Funnel

Learn my wonderful heart-centred sales funnel formula - it's wonderful!

Your freebie and low dollar offer leading beautifully and relevantly into your signature programme or core offer. 

The key is to segment and offer according to your topics to make sure you have great conversions.

User Journey

Understanding the types of website visitor and how to look after them on your website.

Is your visitor brand new to you? Have they signed up to your freebie but gone no further? Are they a paying member of your online programme? You'll need to treat them differently and I'll show you how to set up your site to support them.


My fabulous formulas to write fabulous sales copy and set up your home page, about page and sales pages.

Sales Automation

A passive income needs automation so you can rest while you sell! Email sequences that lead your tribe through your sales funnel effortlessly.

Launch! Driving Traffic

Your social media presence and advertising strategy. I specialise in Facebook and Youtube strategy, implementation and support.


Ten hour virtual assistant package to support your business build.

Jodee's Challenges (run Spring and Autumn)

Starting with the Facebook Live Challenge I support you in growing your tribe and promoting your business on facebook in a heart-centred and relevant way. Next we build a passive income sales funnel together with blog, freebie and low dollar offer. The third wonderful challenge I run is to help you build your own membership offering so you have a sustainable income model. The final challenge is building your Signature Programme to complete your online business.

Doing this series of challenges with me twice a year ensures you are constantly creating new streams of content and bringing new members into your tribe.

Guess what?!
and get access to all my challenges every year for free!!

Facebook Ten Commandments

Want to grow your business on Facebook using pages and groups with decorum?  

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Totally Fabulous 21 Day Facebook Live Challenge

£21.00 GBP

3 weeks programme starting 10th September 2018 - awesome-Jodee-coaching-support and feedback to grow your confidence ...

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Totally Fabulous Passive Income Challenge

£247.00 GBP

8 week programme starting 9th October 2018. To truly thrive as a heart-centred entrepreneur you need a passive incom...

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Totally Fabulous Membership Challenge

£97.00 GBP

Following on beautiful from your work in my Passive Income Challenge you will be crafting and launching a membership ...

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Totally Fabulous Signature Programme Challenge

£197.00 GBP

This programme completes my challenge series and your overall sales funnel. Create a perfectly balanced programme tha...

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Totally Fabulous Membership

£97.00 GBP every month

Jodee support for your online biz growth in a wonderful community on facebook plus FREE access to all my challenges.

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"I suppose the proof is in the pudding (as it were) and that I’m not only creating a Facebook challenge but using videos for it instead of the printed word! I’m much more comfortable with the whole process now than when I started. Still learning though - like turning the camera around yesterday to do a sweep of where I was and then turning it back again! I like that I have a page that I can start to develop and some of my posts get quite a few views which is amazing. I’m glad that you pushed us (me) to do a live every day. I also like the idea of 3 a week unless I have particular messages to give. Your coaching is mind-blowing and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Thank you very much and I am so looking forward to continuing this journey with you. "

Alison Smith
Facebook Live Challenge May 2017

"Everyone talks about creating passive income, but where do you start?! I had been wanting to do something for ages but had no clue where to start, when Jodee offered this course I jumped on it straight away! I love Jodee’s support and enthusiasm in everything she does so I knew this course would include that. The whole process was made so easy by Jodee, when she says she is going to hold your hand through every step of the process, that’s exactly what she did. She helped me get more specific about what I was offering, encouraged me to get peer support and even helped reword things when I was going insane about what to say. Not to mention the easy way she explained what to do when it came to the land of facebook advertising, a minefield of confusion made more simple by Jodee’s patient answering of all of my questions! I feel so happy with the work I was able to do with Jodee’s support and have definitely learnt a great structure for future creating. It’s all been made easy by following each step. Jodee is one amazing tech guru with oodles of love and enthusiasm so you can get what you need to do done with no wondering or guessing."

Sam Livermore
Passive Income Challenge November 2016

"My goal working with Jodee was to start to create a clearer approach to my signature programme, so that I can develop a sales funnel which will help my clients in an affordable way. There were points during the challenge where I lost hope and felt frustrated, however Jodee and the group were very supportive. I enjoyed having others to engage with and helping the other members of the group too. I now feel like I have a clear strategy which I can follow again and I'm really pleased with the product I created. The work continues as I'm now looking at how I can increase my conversion however I'm confident that with time and patience I have a strong offering which will pay dividends. I would highly recommend Jodee, she's easy to work with and knows what she's talking about. Her attitude and passion for helping people create their business is so refreshing. The best thing for the purposes of the signature programme challenge is her ability to adapt to each participant with total support and to keep everyone on track. I feel I can replicate what I've learned and I have an approach which I know will help many people during the years ahead."

Emma Hadley
Signature Programme Challenge December 2016

"Loved working with Jodee Peevor she's on our team. Like most entrepreneurs, having a great team in place is key. We recently launched an online course for models,, on the Kajabi platform, and Jodee, a Kajabi expert, was instrumental in getting our sales page up and going and our sales funnels in optimal working order. Our 1st testing rounds of Facebook Advertising were a huge success, statistically speaking. Novices in this arena Jodee walked us thru every step of the way. Her vast understanding of FB, and targeted advertising, yielded conversion rates that exceeded our expectations. Thanks Jodee!"

Lisa, Colleen and Dana

Jodee's Totally Fabulous Business Courses

Sales Pages Copywriting Formula


My fabulous 12 step formula to help your write your sales page and get it live and earning money today!

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Sales Page Copywriting Course

£10.00 GBP

Want a full course to support my copywriting formula? Write your best sales page with my copy course.

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Totally Fabulous Academy

£547.00 GBP

Total marketing & technical guru support to help you build and launch your beautiful online business!

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Want me all to yourself?

So you've read about my group challenges and my diy courses but really you want to know how you can work with me one to one?

Great stuff! You're ready to LOVE THE LEAP!!

How totally fabulous is that!! Come and read more about how we can work together to build your beautiful online business this year xx

Find Out More about Working with Jodee

"Jodee is an absolutely fabulous coach! Seriously supportive, giving and sharing and caring. After working with Jodee for a couple of weeks - I already had myself 2 new clients! Jodee has it all - experience with business but also her experience of websites and the client user journey and sales pages all in all makes for a super business coach. I am just so glad I found her when I did."

Rosemarie St-Louis
Academy Member with One to One Support

"Today Jodee coached me through the 'biz in a nutshell' and ‘identifiers’. Wow! what a difference it has made. I’ve been struggling with this myself for months and after a fun, dynamic session with Jodee I now know what my business is about and which customers I want to attract. Jodee asks great questions, gives plenty of space to think and offers really useful suggestions. I couldn’t have got this result by myself and I can’t imagine how I would have moved forward with my business without it! I feel so much more confident and enthusiastic about getting out there, telling people about my business and taking the next step in this journey!"

Olivia Horgan
Academy Member with One to One Support

"Working with Jodee has been Totally Fabulous on many levels. Jodee has a support strategy for whatever stage you are in your business and for whatever level of help you need. I chose to go with the full management package because my knowledge of running an online academy was limited and I needed the extra help that having it done for me would bring. Working with Jodee has been an eductation for me, in terms of learning the rudimentals of running an online business and understanding the language that comes with it. Having the expert advice and support to set up and run successful Facebook Ad campaigns has been a good return on investment and I feel much more equipped to take things forward with confidence. Above all, I have connected well with Jodee and our working relationship is what makes everything work so well. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, flexible, adaptable, clever and very understanding of where I'm coming from. I appreciate all that comes with the whole package - it has been one of the best investments I've made in my business."

Michele Armstrong
The Acorn Principle

Testimonial Questions

This is an amazing download - getting great client language from our tribe is key to helping us write the most awesome landing page and advert copy ever - this will help you find ease and flow when launching x

My tried and tested testimonials questions - I developed this infographic over 12 years coaching and building my clients' beautiful online businesses.

Download today and email to your tribe today!