advertising coaching Feb 19, 2018

When embarking on a new facebook advertising campaign it's important to embrace the data gathering exercise that this is. Step out of the mentality that this is about conversions. In the very first instance your facebook campaign is a research project. As time goes on and you learn your tribe and your audiences in fb you can scale your campaigns and earn money through any conversions, but in the very beginning we are keeping budgets low and gathering data.

The joy is that using my methodology you will not only learn lots about your tribe but you will also gain thousands of people into your fb audiences who you can then retarget in future campaigns.

I've created a super grid worksheet for you to use to create your initial adverts and landing pages to make sure you have planned everything before you begin the creation process.

I like to handle two of the biggest objections right up front. Have you helped real people make a difference to their lives and who are you to offer advice, why...

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coaching concepts Feb 12, 2018

If not - why not? She looks after you through thick and thin, she celebrates the wins with you and commiserates with you over the not-so-great outcomes. You need to do the same - she's always there for you. You need to start thinking about always being there for her too.

Business has its times of plain sailing and then you face waters so rough your face is green - and you need to love her the same through it all. 

Sometimes we expect this to be a one-sided relationship - that our business should always be a success and give and give to us, filling our hearts and our bank accounts. Well I believe it's actually a two-way relationship. Why not consider how you can support your business instead of always expecting it to support you.

By this I mean nurture it and encourage it by putting in place systems and processes to help it run it's admin side smoothly. I mean look for any gaps that would help your customers ascend your sales funnels more beautifully without jarring or...

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coaching concepts Jan 08, 2018

We shift from role to role many times through our lives and even many times a day. You come off the phone to your mother and go instantly into mother role yourself having just been daughter. You jump in the car and become contractor as you say goodbye to the window cleaner, you go out on date night with your husband and turn into glam lady in heels but you return to become breast feeding mother of infant a few hours later.

We embrace or resist these roles. We may embrace our role as wife whilst simultaneously resisting the role of daughter-in-law or step-mother. We may embrace our role as mother when giving up full-time work but resist the role of housewife. It's very interesting how these roles twist and turn us from one moment to the next and our businesses are no different. You may have switched from employed to self-employed, from full-time to part-time, from commuter to home-worker, from employed to unemployed.

On this deeper level you need to acknowledge that you may have...

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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I love this clarification - achieving the lifelong goal of "coming up with my own concept". 

I feel like I always knew this was inside me but it hadn't formulated itself yet. As though the idea was swimming around in my mind-soup taking its time to being solid.

It came to me finally last month with such a big HELLO that I was grinning with delight and jumped straight away into my facebook group to share the concept and I had so many wonderful TotesFab members shouting in agreement totally validating the whole concept and confirming how big this is - it was such a fabulous feeling and I just knew all along that this was how it would feel to achieve this goal.

So here we are - I'm so excited to share this with you and I hope I do this justice. It's such a perfect idea that I must now practice the most succinct way to communicate it and this is my first written attempt.

I work with heart-centred entrepreneurs - these are wonderful biz people who have a strong desire to...

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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I thought it was a good idea to write a little blog covering the differences between the Features and Benefits of your service offering or product. Here are some great examples to help you differentiate between the two so you can write great copy!

I see a lot of people confusing the two when writing their website sales copy so I realised this blog post was probably long overdue!

Benefits - this is the opportunity for you to wax lyrical about the wondrous difference to your clients' lives your course/service will make. The benefits are often a little more emotive and poetic than the features because you are trying to paint the picture of how it "feel" to use your service/course and how it will change their lives.

Let's write a few down that I would use in my Academy sales copy as examples to demonstrate my point. 

a) Imagine building your business without overwhelm, with the calm created by having everything in one place and knowing are not doing this alone. ...

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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I'm loving BeLive.tv! It's given me the platform I needed to share my clients with the world in a way that gives them confidence and validation whilst enabling me to showcase their wonderful businesses on my facebook page. I've done three in 6 days! I think I'm addicted!

I'm going to be creating so many wonderful excuses to help put my clients in the spotlight - so many of them are holding back from becoming visible. It's quite astonishing the difference in their confidence when we're chatting away - they are bubbling with confidence whereas when they are on a fb live on their own they are uncomfortable and unsure. I truly believe BeLive will be a massive part of my client support programme moving forward. If you haven't tried it out yet, jump onto your browser and go to belive.tv and sign up - it's free to use and you can create interviews as well as question and answer sessions with your tribe. 

Becoming more and more visible seems to be the way online business is determined...

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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I hate to say "we all do this" because I don't like painting everyone with the same brush but the longer I work in my biz the more and more I see this story playing out. I am a super content lady with oodles of self-esteem. No one would ever accuse me of being under-confident. So how come I still have the "waiting for perfection" bug? If I believe in myself as much as I think I really and truly do why does this bug keep showing up? I believe that what I offer is fricking gold and I know my clients move mountains as a result of working with me but still this "waiting for perfection" bug has infected me and antibiotics simply don't do the trick!

So, let's put it out there and see if this resonates. And by the way I'm not going to say what everyone seems to say on this topic either - that we all suffer from procrastination and don't publish things because we don't think they're good enough - whether it's a website or a sales page or an fb ad or an online course. That's not what this is...

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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I love working on my clients' super powers and I realised that whilst I'm busy encouraging them to shout theirs from the rooftops I totally forgot to shout about my own!

So I wanted to share it with you!

Your super power is the wonderful gift you have that sets you apart from others in your niche. It's the thing that people mention when asked about you. It might be your manner and personality, it might be a gift or talent you have or it might be the fact that you're the only one does what you do. 

One of my more obvious super powers is my high energy and enthusiasm for everything. When you work with me I'll keep you motivated and excited by your project even when your natural levels are on the low-side.
However, the super power that I really want to share with you here is how I write your copy with you. You see I focus on helping you be super super specific about your business and I also help you to write brilliant "client identifiers" that show your potential customers just how...

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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I've noticed a trend. I don't think I approve. I wonder if you've noticed it too. The long and boring pause at the beginning of a facebook live. Why oh why oh why? I understand the logic of course, they're waiting for an audience to grow before they launch into their topic of choice - but goodness me it's dull to watch!

 I love going on Facebook live and I don't need an audience per se - I just love sharing my message and knowing that my tribe will see it when it's ready - I genuinely don't think of the "live factor" I place higher value on the fact that it's in my feed and it will resonate with the right people at the right time. 

If you want to wait for the audience to grow then for goodness sake chat to your audience, introduce the topic and grow in momentum until you've reached your desired audience before you share the nuggets.

A good example are my facebook lives for my challenges - these are coaching calls and are scheduled in as an event within the programme. I...

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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

Ooh I love a Tuesday. In my world that means it's my day off and I get to enjoy the whole day from start to finish with my little girl poppy. It also means no school run as my husband takes Sam to school and he gets the bus home.

Waking up naturally is so decadent cos it's so rare. I woke at about 845 to cuddles and love with the Popster. Knowing I have no real plans for the day is also decadent!

Poppy has her lovely pal Avaani pop over with her Mum for our weekly banana bread cook up and we mums get to drink tea and put the world to rights.

I realised while writing my mid year goals that buying my farmhouse in France to run totally fabulous biz retreats in was on hold until I relaunched my academy and so the excuse of it not being ready just wasn't cutting it anymore! So this afternoon I wrote out a full plan of the videos I'm going to record on Friday morning.

This has to happen without fail. You know when you're on pause in your biz because something needs to get done but a dozen...

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